The H2020 “Families Share” project has been keeping us busy since January 2018 and it has recently concluded its project life-cycle. As you could read in our previous posts already,  Families Share offered a bottom-up solution to facilitate work-life balance, piloted in 6 cities in Europe (Bologna, Gyor, Kortrijk, Thessaloniki, Trento, Venice) in the form…Read more »

Collabora con noi! Selezioniamo candidati/e per uno stage disponibile nell’ambito di un progetto EU-H2020

? Sei neolaureato/a o studente/ssa magistrale in scienze sociali, studi di genere, studi umanistici (UNIVE o UNIPD)? Ti interessa fare un’esperienza di stage, di 6 mesi, nell’ambito di un progetto europeo, in tema di innovazione sociale e digitale? Cerchiamo uno/a stagista da inserire nel progetto europeo H2020 Families Share  che si pone come obiettivo quello di…Read more »

Childcare sharing in cities already a reality: solidarity vs time banking?

ENG Unlike most childcare sharing models that we could assess so far in benchmarking for the H2020 Families Share CAPS project, SittingAround in the U.S. is not a one-to-one solution but a network based on the creation of neighborhood co-operatives. The service, monetized through the payment of a fee to subscribe to the platform only, is then articulated…Read more »


With this post we start sharing resources and knowledge  on topics related to the 2 main EU funded Projects we are involved in, to spread valuable knowledge and stimulate debate and reflections. This first one pertains to Erasmus+ Gender4STEM.  Posts will be in ENG and ITA (scrolling down) and shared on our organization and projects’…Read more »

Families_Share. Socializing care in neighborhoods through digital social innovation and co-designed OS technologies

Work life balance is always difficult and for parents in particular, engaged into ‘acrobatic’ efforts to combine two domains with often diverging rythms and needs, and in a socio-economic context featured by unstable job conditions and welfare cuts. We are proud of being one of the promoting partners of the  Families_Share project which was recently…Read more »

The new Gender4STEM project kicked off! Participatory co-design of an on line learning platform for STEM teachers.

Laying down the building blocks of innovation means also to inspire youngsters to pursue scientific and technological studies and careers. Inclusive innovation is the goal of the Gender4STEM, aiming at creating  digital tools to overcome gender gap in STEM (Science Technology Mathematics & Engineering), nurturing girls’ interest towards these fields and ultimately increase the number…Read more »

A European Manifesto for Citizen Engagement and Inclusive Smart Cities

While at Smart Venice we are busy for the final rush before opening LagunaLibre, the first eco-bistrot & cultural –social hub in Venice, we are still intensively committing as active contributors to the European Innovation Partnership on Smart cities and Communities. Our CEO, Maria Sangiuliano, is leading the Action Cluster Citizen Focus and she has…Read more »