The H2020 “Families Share” project has been keeping us busy since January 2018 and it has recently concluded its project life-cycle. As you could read in our previous posts already,  Families Share offered a bottom-up solution to facilitate work-life balance, piloted in 6 cities in Europe (Bologna, Gyor, Kortrijk, Thessaloniki, Trento, Venice) in the form of a co-designed app/platform supporting parents to share time and tasks related to childcare, parenting, after-school and leisure activities. It worked out both at communities’ level and as an organizational welfare measure as “Families Share@Work”. At Smart Venice, we were in charge of the Venice City Lab, and we also undertook the role of coordinating all the other pilot sites and evaluating the results of the Families Share experimentation, both in its digital and social innovation components. So, we are happy to say that it was really an amazing journey together with all our partners and all of this in the middle of a pandemic crisis!

As we have learnt a lot in this journey, we would like to see more communities, cities, companies, embracing this model, adapting and replicating it. For this purpose, the great news is that we are studying and developing new services to support communities and organizations in doing so, also in cooperation with some of the project partners. In the meantime, we already have  the “Families Share Toolkit available online“!  This is the our first time at Smart Venice we have been in charge of designing a generating a communication and replication tool in a project, and we are very proud to present it to you. 

The multilingual Toolkits (EN, ITA, HU, GR, NL) make learned lessons and tools available to the public for uptake, adaptation and replication. We have conceived them a step-by-step guide that will help in starting the Families Share model in different contexts and by different target groups: with that, NGOs, municipalities, and parents themselves in general, will learn how the Families Share solutions can benefit them and how to implement. There is also a section for developers who are willing to initiate the Families Share app locally.

Let us know if you like it and help us to spread the word! 

Last but not least, our team was in charge of organizing the final online event, “Community driven, innovative and inclusive child-care facilitated by technology, for cities and organizations”which took place on October 19th, 20thand 27th, and we are happy to share with you as the final webinars’ recordings.

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