About us

Venice has historically being at the forefront of experimenting urban development models respectful of its delicate and complex ecosystem, balancing built environment and human interventions with its natural context. The city is also renowned for its history as a multicultural and commercial crossroad. SmartVenice was founded with the goal of relaunching this well known historical heritage, to update it to present sustainability challenges and replicate it from the local to the international level.

SmartVenice is a start up founded in 2014 on the initiative of italian entrepreneurs and professionals with multidisciplinary local and international expertise inspired by the idea of new patterns of urban sustainability.

The company aims at promoting initiatives and offering services that enhance environmental and social sustainability and foster digital social innovation in urban contexts based on social inclusion, interaction with and active engagement of local communities.

Smart Venice’s mission is to work at the intersections between social and technological innovation, civic participation with a focus on inclusion and diversity, through a range of tools spanning from action research, social art interventions, training and supporting organizational and community learning, to communication and business startup.

As its first business initiative Smart Venice is working on  LagunaLibre, an urban regeneration project in Venice, a cultural centre and bistrot in an old renovated wharehouse at the forefront of ecologically building techinques in the historical town. LagunaLibre will open in the summer of 2016.