About us

Venice has historically being at the forefront of experimenting urban development models respectful of its delicate and complex ecosystem, balancing built environment and human interventions with its natural context. The city is also renowned for its history as a multicultural and commercial crossroad. SmartVenice was founded with the goal of relaunching this well known historical heritage, to update it to present sustainability challenges and replicate it from the local to the international level.

SmartVenice was founded in 2014 on the initiative of professionals with multidisciplinary local and international expertise inspired by the idea of fostering new patterns of social and environmental sustainability.

Its first endeavour consisted of an a privately funded urban regeneration project in Venice, leading to the opening of Laguna Libre, eco-cultural bistrot, which is also a pole for community driven events, art and theatre exhibitions, jazz and world music concerts.

Since then, the company  continued its operations setting up a new branch by operating as an independent research unit and consultancy on inclusive digital and social innovation and gender equality, both in urban contexts and organizations, with the active engagement of local communities and organizations.

Our team works through a range of tools and methods, spanning from project design and access to funding, participatory action research, co-design, blended training, support to organizational and community learning and development, communication.